Why good corporate lawyers fail to impress in corporate finance

We all know that clients expect a lot from their lawyers.

Offering the best legal expertise and advice goes without saying. But these days, that’s not enough. To offer real value, the best corporate lawyers also need to be trusted business advisers. And to give informed business advice, they need a thorough understanding of the commercial and financial aspects of a client’s business.

And this is where many lawyers struggle. Because although corporate finance is not rocket science, it’s an area that’s not covered in formal training; and often overlooked during in-house training.

Why lack of finance skills costs law firms money

You and the lawyers at your firm may be technically strong. But are you lacking a thorough understanding of the financial side of transactions?

Perhaps you’re intimidated by your financially astute clients? Or are you underbilling because of your lack of finance understanding? Maybe you’re exposing your firm’s reputation to long-term damage? Or something much worse?

Ignorance of finance is no excuse

Are you:

  • Dissatisfied that you don’t understand the financial side of transactions more clearly?
  • Concerned about commercial issues falling between ‘contractual cracks’?
  • Confused as to how debt and equity interact?
  • Worried at how much financial knowledge clients assume?
  • Nervous about asking for fuller instructions?
  • Exposed to doubts over your firm’s financial credibility?

And consequently are you:

  • Eager to be invited into the transaction process earlier?
  • Disappointed not to play a more strategic role in the process?
  • Anxious to close the distance between assumed and actual knowledge?
  • Frustrated at leaving ‘money on the table’ for your competitors to earn?

Then contact Ratio Financial now. The sessions and courses run by Ratio Financial bridge the gap between what you think you know about corporate finance and what you should know.