Finance from financiers

Ratio Financial was formed in 2008 by Andrew Wood, former solicitor and investment banker.

"When I left the law to take a Masters Degree at London Business School, I gained a new empathy with my former clients within the first few weeks of my degree. I quickly realised how my new finance knowledge could have been applied during my legal career. And how I might have done things differently.

This was reinforced by my years in the Investment Banking Front Office as a client of numerous City law firms. My fellow bankers assumed their lawyers had a good understanding of finance issues; when in reality many didn’t.

Conscious that I hadn’t been taught these financial skills during my legal career, I set up Ratio Financial with the aim of getting lawyers up to speed.

And we chose the name Ratio, of course, because it has both a legal and financial meaning."

Andrew Wood, Partner, Ratio Financial Limited

Having extensive experience in both the legal and banking professions, the team at Ratio Financial really understands what clients require from their legal advisers.

And unlike some other training companies which offer courses in accounting, we don’t. Accounting is the language in which past dealings are written down.

Our courses and sessions, on the other hand, are all about finance. Finance is forward looking; it’s the logic of money and explains companies’ behaviour. And a thorough understanding of finance is what you need to offer real value to your client.

Find out more about our finance sessions and courses. Contact Andrew Wood at Ratio Financial now.