Make your law firm the obvious choice

Put yourself in a finance director’s or banker’s shoes. With a choice of two lawyers, do you go with one that understands the law? Or the one that also understands what’s keeping you awake at night: justifying your financials to the Board or Credit Committee?

When it comes to choosing a law firm, clients will always choose a firm that really ‘gets’ their business – over those that don’t. Which is why, if you want top-tier credentials, you have to ensure your understanding of corporate finance surpasses your clients’ expectations.

Ensuring you get instructed for repeat business

"Our lawyers’ can-do mentality and their proper feel for the numbers is what sets them apart from their competitors and gets them instructed on the next trade."

Director, US Investment Bank

In today’s market client loyalty is a precious commodity, so adding value is essential. We work with you to identify your clients’ needs – including what they’re not telling you.

Finance coaching from Ratio Financial

Seasoned financiers complain to us that lawyers sometimes lack the level of finance knowledge that clients expect from their legal team; whereas those that have it can add real value to the process.

Which is why Ratio Financial offers a range of sessions and courses which plug that knowledge gap between what you should know and what you think you know. These include corporate finance essentials such as Company Valuation and Financial Structuring. And specific or topical courses such as Rights Issues and Corporate Restructuring.

What you can expect

The format is driven by your requirements.

One to one and roundtable sessions are fluid and reasonably informal. There’s no pressure. No hidden agenda. And of course it’s completely confidential.

Courses and ongoing coaching are interactive, practical, and focus on real world examples and case studies.

There’s an emphasis on application, discussion and sharing your opinions and experiences. This will help you fully understand the topic, and get an intuitive feel for the corporate decision-making process. You’ll examine transactions in the same way your clients do; so you’ll get an understanding for the challenges they face.

And we’ll demystify finance jargon, and clearly explain the terminology and the key terms you need to know.

Who should attend?

Partners, Associates and Trainees who have ever sat in a meeting with a client and struggled to keep up with the finance terminology.