Our coaches and consultants

The senior delivery team at Ratio Financial are former solicitors turned financiers.

These dual careers give them a unique and enviable combination of skills. And gives them a rare insight into what clients expect from their legal team.

The team is led by Ratio Financial’s founder, Andrew Wood. Andrew has worked in corporate finance since 1998, including as an Associate Director at Barclays Capital where he specialised in acquisition and structured finance in various sectors including retail, hospitality and healthcare for a range of corporates, financial sponsors and sovereign wealth funds.

Prior to his career in investment banking, he spent five years at Wilde Sapte (now Dentons) acting for the firm’s financial institution clients including GE Capital, MBNA Corporation (now Bank of America), Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds, Morgan Stanley and Prudential.

His legal career also included eight months on the American Bar Association’s International Legal Exchange at White & Case in New York.

Andrew’s legal and investment banking experience encompassed transactions with valuations from £100 million to £4.5 billion.

More recently Andrew founded not only Ratio Financial but was also a founding shareholder and director of Affiniture Investments Limited, a payment card platform which purchased the UK Diners Club charge card business from Citi, and for which he raised two multi-million pound rounds of financing.

Andrew’s rare combination of legal and financial skills gives him a particular insight into the roles of the various players and attendant transaction dynamics.

He holds a Masters Degree in Finance from London Business School.